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oooooh shiny ARCs!

One of the best things about making Pitch Wars is the PITCH WARS 15 ARC tour!

I've already read The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle (click to read my review...spoilers... It's all the heart eyes)

And I just finished THE LAST NAMSARAby Kristen Ciccarelli, and it was EVERYTHING. Dragons, betrayal, phenomenally deep world building, and a brave scarred princess falling in love with a freckled slave while hunting dragons and defying a king that is her father.  AND OH MY GOSH IT IS SO GOOD. It comes out 10/17 from Harper Teen, and go buy this one and give it to all your friends, nieces, 15 year old strangers, whomever. JUST THROW THIS BOOK AT MORE PEOPLE AND SPREAD THE OBSESSION.

Next up, is ALAN COLE IS NOT A COWARDby Eric Bell, which I have not read yet, but I fell SO HARD in love with the voice on this book during the agent round. This is the book that won Pitch Wars 15, with the most agent love. Like I think the book was sold before the agent round even ended. Like it's amazing. It's a Middle Grade book, coming out 9/17 from Katherine Tegen. I'll be back after I've read with a full review.

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