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Glitch Kingdom comes out in TWO MONTHS! I'm so stinking excited to announce my pre-order campaign! I'm incredibly grateful for every person, educator, or librarian who has reached out or pre-ordered, and I'm thrilled I have the chance to send a personal thank you!

Here's how you enter:


1. Send proof of pre-ordering (screenshot or email) to with the word PRE-ORDER in the subject line.

2. Send proof that you requested the book at your local library (email or photo of a submitted request form works great!) also to

3. Or email me any fan art featuring the characters from Glitch Kingdom! (no purchase necessary, more info below!)

The first one hundred entries will receive the following:

Five character art sticker by artist@evadrawssometimes. (close ups below)

A book mark

And a personalized and signed sticker book plate!

Each entry will also qualify you for one of FIVE Grand Prizes! CUSTOM GLITCH KINGDOM FUNKO POPS made by me, and one SECRET personalized item which will relate to the character Funko Pop! (think enamel pin size item)

If you want a chance to win an ARC, Fierce Reads is currently giving away 15 copies here! The giveaway ends Dec 19, so hurry if you want a chance to win!

(If you have a preference for which Funko pop you'd most like, please include a note in your email. Grand prize will be randomly selected, preference given by draw order.)

Enter by February 18th! All prizes will be awarded after launch date.


Glitch Kingdom is the story of my nerdy heart and I thought nothing would be more fitting that to include a fanart opportunity! But since not many of you have read this book yet, I thought I'd tell you more about the characters.

Ryo Takagi-Vinton the prankster prince who can't be killed and who has never been able to stop himself from saying a funny joke. His Hogwarts house is Gryfindor and he has been known to jump on a dragon's back and gamble away a weeks allowance (no one tell his mother)

Lady Dagney Tomlinson is a highborne lady of the court who loves beautiful clothes, good food, and also her axe. Not a person to play a prank on. Her Hogwarts House is Slytherin. She's ambitious and competitive and will do what it takes to win.

Bluebird_ofdeath is a hacker who discovers the glitch in the game her maybe-sorta-boyfriend Grigfen435 is trapped inside. She breaks into the game briefly to deliver messages. Her Hogwarts House is all Ravenclaw, she is brilliant and nerdy and secretly my favorite character.

Speaking of Grigfen... 

Sir Grigfen Tomlinson is Dagney's older brother, Prince Ryo's best friend, and he sees dead people.  

As a Devout of the Undergod (in training) he can wield ghostlight and command the undead.

 Grigfen is the Hufflepuffiest Hufflepuff who ever puffed.

McKenna Carrington is the Queen of the Savak. 

Her game condition is to win by assassination. She is the first to discover the world is a game, and the last to discover that those she kills die in real life. The character she's playing is a Slytherin, but at heart she is all Ravenclaw.



Legal information:

1. No purchase necessary. If you request the book at your local library or send me fan art of the above described characters, you will be entered. If you send in a pre-order, library request, and fan art you will receive THREE entries (and a free picture of the world's most spoiled puppy).

2. If you wish to be entered for the grand prizes, please include your birth date. If you are under eighteen, please also provide a statement from your parent or guardian that you have permission to enter this contest.

3. Void where prohibited.

4. US only.

I'm so grateful for every person who pre-orders, thank you so much for being a part of my lifelong dream coming true!

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