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Book Club Questions- A Sisterhood of Secret Ambitions


Let’s talk about the formation of this fictional society of women. What stopped this society from actually existing back in the 1700’s, and could a society like this one exist today?

In A Sisterhood of Secret Ambitions, the society uses several titles for different roles, like Spinster, Gossip, Wife, and Teacher. What other titles could you see a society using, and what would be their influence?

What title do you think the society would give to you? What title would you chose for yourself? Are they different?

Do you think that other people could choose the influence of your life better than you could yourself?

Which character did you relate to most, and why?

Did the poems add to the reading experience or distract? Which poem was your favorite?

In what ways did the society hold up the Patriarchy? How does that reflect into modern feminist thought?

What would the story be like if it were centered on another girl, perhaps a Spinster of a Gossip?

What does this society teach us about inclusivity? What does it get wrong?

What is the underlying message that you will take from this story?

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