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Boekweg Books Now Offers:

Professional Independent Cover Design Creation.

Why go with the expensive people when you can fuel the independent revolution with supporting
 a small company that has a track record of success.

With Boekweg Books you get an experienced Graphic Design/Marketing team and a Professional Author that will beta read your book and help you write an query for the back cover.

We are upfront about our pricing for your success.

Our Pricing:
$75 for the Front Cover
$35 for the Back Cover

Prices of Stock Photos may be extra depending on the work.

We promise you:

An awesome work of art that you will be proud to grace the cover of your book.

We will not stop until you are satisfied.

To work with you every-step of the way with excellent communication.

Who is the Artist?
Darren Boekweg is an accomplished marketing communications specialist with extensive online marketing experience and a 10 year portfolio of success developing marketing strategies which drive sales, increase brand awareness, and maximize online activity. He is also a skilled content writer for print and social media. 

Darren got his start in graphic design in high school when he designed logo's for personal websites for no charge.  He studied at Salt Lake Community College for graphic design and learned the many design elements of layout and eye catching images.

He also studied at Weber State University where he
obtained a 4 year degree in Public Relations and Marketing.

View My Resume Here

If you have any questions please feel free to call me
at (801) 690-0203 or

Design Options
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