WIP-- Girl's Camp 2016

For the last four years, I've been the director of a week long camp for teenage girls (age 12-18). I love it with my whole soul.

Mostly, because of the girls. They are phenomenal women. Kind and brave and smart.

Also they fart a surprising amount.

This year we have seventeen girls coming (ages 12-18).   My favorite part about camp is watching the girls do something they didn't think they could do. There's nothing like watching a a twelve year old's legs shake as she climbs up to the top of a zip line, see her swallow, close her eyes, and then let go, and then seeing that gigantic proud smile as she races over the treeline.

I like seeing them be brave. I love serving beside them, and hearing their lives. Hearing about how it feels when they've grown up past soccer, or how they feel when they take the stage in the school play. I like hearing about their boyfriends, and their friend drama, and the kind notes they leave on the pillow of another teenage girl. I love taking long hikes and hearing the stories that they are writing, or their personal feelings about Girl Meet World. (I share these feels. #shaunhunterforever) I like eating the best, naughtiest, chocolate covered food, and not wearing makeup, and building up a smell, and dancing around a campfire as we sing ridiculously stupid songs at the top of our lungs, and looking up and watching the stars and knowing, as loud and as big and as dirty as we are being, we're just a tiny dot in a huge world. I love walking around with my arm around these amazing girls. I love staying up way too late and my shoes melting on the campfire ring.

It's funny, because putting together Girl's Camp takes an incredible amount of work and mental energy, but once I'm up there, it feel like taking off every single stress, and just being a girl in the mountains.

 So that's where my life has been lately. I've been hard at work on a secret story (shh... secret story is secret), I'm helping some CP's get ready for Pitch Wars, and I'm collecting the final touches to make Girl's Camp happen.

See you on the mountain.


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