THE WAXLING Inspired Art by Terry Bell + and EXCERPT

My friend and fellow Pitch Wars mentee Terry Bell created this for me because I was in the right place at the right time. It's Blake and Sarah from my novel THE WAXLING.

I LOVE it so. I love how Blake is in so much shadow here, with Sarah hovering over him like she's haunting his thoughts. I love how its so black and white, with Sarah being the pop of color and light. It's just perfection


Here's an excerpt from Waxling to go with the picture.

Her eyes alight with color and warmth, her lips sliding into a smile as slow as the sun peeking over the trees. Her smile was a sunrise warm, and common, miraculously filling in the darkness with vibrancy and light. She made me long for morning, a new start, a fresh day.  Her smile felt like a hope I didnt have to fear.
 I smiled back. For the moment, the Waxling was forgotten. 
 There was only the girl.


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