Spoilers Abound, And I'm Not Even Sorry

I've never written a sequel before, and I had no idea that the biggest trial of writing a sequel was not randomly shouting spoilers to anyone who has read the first one. Especially since right now I'm so giddy about a few particular spoilers my head might explode, (and that would be bad because I just fixed my hair.) Whenever anyone asks, I just look at people with my eyes open wide and my hands out to the side, and say between clenched teeth, "It's really good."

I can't write anything on my author page, or my facebook page, or any of it either, in fact, I can barely write anything on here. I started writing a post about writing a male POV and how that translates into my feminist head, and didn't get a paragraph into it before realizing that, nope can't say any of this. Even the word misogynistic is a spoiler. I started writing a different post about the very first story I ever fell for, and a paragraph into it, I was so bored I deleted the whole thing. It's the whole first love verses the current love thing. Whatchagonnatodo. I can't hardly read anything else either. I look at books and don't move. And my poor house. You can bet if I'm not motivated enough to read that I'm not motivated enough to clean.

All I can do is freaking write this book.

Hopefully that comes across in the text, and it makes everyone obsess the way it has us, but right now I'm like spoilers abound in everything I say.

But right now all I can say is... Holy crap, people. It's really good.

There's a chance I'm in First Draft Blindness stage. Anyone else suffer from this affliction? But I don't think so. (because Delusions of Awesomeness is the first sign of First Draft Blindness) 

And the cure to First Draft Blindness is a few awesome beta readers, (Shout out to the betas.) a clear headed second draft revision, and reaching the words... The End. Those beautiful/sad/heartbreaking words that I can't wait to reach so I can communicate with the real world and not have any spoilers I can't accidentally spill in casual conversation.

Also, hey look at the blog. It turned pretty.

But here are some spoilers that I'll share because you seem very interested. No. Just randomly surfing the internet? I don't care. Get interested. It's that awesome.

Nope can share any of that. 

All I can really share is this. 

It's not enough, but it's also way too much.


Start the obsession. Alchemy (book one in the Prophecy Breakers series) is out now and only .99 cents.


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