Short Fiction Saturday

Shout out to two of my favorite author buddies who've had short fiction book birthdays yesterday. Have some cake!

First off,  Congrats to my friend and fellow Proser Karen T. Smith on the launch of her short story Snow White and the Assassins Guild.

I was able to beta read this one for her and OH MY HECK it's everything you want a story about princess assassins to be. It's clever and exciting and funny, and that was just the first draft.

Here it is on Amazon!

 And I love this cover. It definitely captures this Snow White's personality.


Next up is the fourth installment of the THROUGH GLASS series by my friend and hero, REBECCA FREAKING ETHINGTON! This girl is amazing. Not only can she write a skin crawling/ sad/ sweet/ romantic book, she's popping them out one after another.

This is a serial novel, basically a giant book cut into three arcs, and with EPISODE FOUR she's blown me away again! So dang good.

Here is the link to Amazon!

 And it you're looking to jump on board now, here's the link to Episode One.



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