To the People Who Don't Like the Swearing in My Book.

Yesterday, something bad happened, that wasn't associated with anyone who reads this blog, and because of that, my feelings were hurt, and I commented on it here. I appreciate so much the support from my Proser family, and the discussion this post added. Interesting, interesting stuff.

But I want to defend my friends and family. All the people who picked up my book because of my name on the cover. That's the only reason why they bought it. Some of them bought it outside their normal reading zone, and I am beyond thankful that the love me enough to know that this is important, and they put their cash down to support me. Then they actually read the book. That is true service for an author, and all we can ask of anyone.
My book made them feel uncomfortable. My book went beyond their line of comfort, and so when I asked what they thought of it, they weren't giving me a look of shame, I think they were giving me a look of "It made me uncomfortable, but I love you, and I don't know what to say."

These are amazing kind people. And I got my feelings hurt, and lashed out at them.

I'm truly, truly, sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. Especially if these are people who had hurt feelings after showing me love.

I should have warned these people who I know well enough to know they'd feel uncomfortable, so that they'd have the choice to read it. I promise from this point onward, that I will be forthright and let people know exactly what's in my books before unleashing them on you.

Everyone has a line of decency. We can't cater to all lines, but we have to cater to our own. And then we have to be comfortable with the fact that someone out there, maybe even someone we love, and whose approval we crave, may not approve.

I'm not going to stop writing with honesty.

But I will accept all honesty back, with a loving and forgiving heart.

Thank you. To the people who didn't like the swearing in my book, but still like me anyway, thank you for your support. Whatever you feel comfortable giving, that's enough.


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