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Not that I'm counting down...

To get you all excited for the launch of Alchemy...I mean obviously you're excited already, but let's just explode with giddy over-hyped excitement for a minute or two and see the DREAM CAST of Alchemy!

Anyway, this is my DREAM cast, (not least not yet). Sabrina and Melanie's suggestions are mentioned, but...sort of ignored, if not outright stolen. This casting is chock full of inside jokes, so you might just have to read the book before they make sense... and in 5 days you can!

SAM Rodriguez Ryan, as played by Avan Jogia.

This is who plays Sam in my head. That's is Sam's Don Juan hair, and his goofy handsomeness.

I've never actually seen Avan in anything, although my daughter has a Victorious shirt with his face on it, that I like to look at sometimes and think, "That's the fictional character that comes to my head."

Sam's a former baseball player, who lost the baseball, but is still a player. He uses girls as a kind of medicine to distract himself from missing his pre-magic girlfriend, and from the fact that when he was infected with the disease which gave him magic he killed someone.

Also, Sam is funny.

Not on purpose, but that's part of his charm.

JULIETTE Elizabeth Riley, as played by Grace Phipps

The middle name I use right there is a joke. Which you will get in 5 days! I like this girl because she's boobtastic, and her eyes are hazel, but in a way that is easily confused with green. It's easy to get that confused. I think that should be clear.

Juliette just wants to take care of her siblings, and when she's infected with magic, she just wants to know that they're alright, (I mean...all right) and not being able to see her family makes her fists swing back and forth.

Juliette's amazing. Her past has made her react to the world with clenched fists, and colorful language. She's a fighter, made tougher than she should be by her upbringing, and is more powerful than she gives herself credit.

ANA- Anastasia Meritthew, played by Ashley Benson.

Melanie has a different person in mind for Ana, but when you watch Pretty Little Liars I do, then the similarity between Hanna and Ana become very clear. Just pretend the H is silent.

I love them both. Ana (in Alchemy) is AMAZEBALLS.  She's a gracious, yet opportunistic beauty who doesn't have anything worth missing back home. She's a normal girl stuck in the middle of a school for freaks, trapped by her evil step mother.

She's very much like a Disney princess come to think about it.

She's also the girl on the cover of the book...

Oh, you mean...

This cover?

So pretty.

 Speaking of Pretty.

 JAMES Moriarty/ Mariani - as played by William Mosley, or a young Jensen Ackeles.

Dear future casting agents,

When casting for James, invest in a time machine, because he keeps wanting to be played by actors who are too old, and too blond, to play him. In the book, James clearly has dark surfer hair, but he's also the "oh my freaking heck, don't let my husband know I'm writing this" kind of way.

James must be swoon worthily hot, and we will bend time and space and hair cover to make sure he's the right guy for the job.

This guy will do.

James has a really interesting back story that involves stolen canoes, and also other stuff, I have somehow forgotten while looking at the picture next to these words. Hello.

My eyes are over here, people.



SEBASTIAN Cohen, as played by Tom Felton (but only in this picture) Melanie thinks he should be played by a young Alex Pettyfer, so I allow you to visually picture young Pettyfer when reading about Seb. I do. In fact, I picture Alex Pettyfer sometimes just for fun.

But there's something about this picture that screams Seb to me. Maybe it's that whispy blond hair, or those huge dark eyes, or the fact that he's slightly creepy, while still being likable, but this reads Seb. Sebastian is Sam's best friend, and he's shy and awkward, and head over heels for Ana. Seb also has one of the most tragic back stories in the book, and we haven't even revealed all of it yet by the end of Alchemy. (um...spoiler alert?) You can't help but feel for Sebastian.

But you should really try, that's all I'm saying.

ZACH Young, as played by Josh Hutcherson

Josh is totally Zach to me. Zach is the head of the Elite, and an idealist. He's shorter, for a guy, and tougher than he looks, while still having the ability to play a really annoyingly sarcastic and awful guy. And look at his spiky hair. Ulgh. I hate him.

Sorry. I have a BIT of a bias against Zach.

I don't want to spoil the book.

So I won't.

But this is me holding back.

Now, because the post is getting too long, I'm just going to start posting pictures and character names, and you can do the casting yourself in five days when you can buy and start reading ALCHEMY.
Hana Mae Lee as Heather
Morena Baccarin as Dr. Felix \
Sasha Pieterse as Katie
Enrico Colantoni as Dr. Child
Katie Leclerc as Alayna

And there's more, but I'm going to be done for today.

I'll share more...maybe in say, five days?

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