Alchemy is done. There are still lines to dot, formatting and tenses to be considered, but all in all the book is done. While we were taking a brief break after working full time on the story, I decided to play with another story.

I'm now 20,000 words in.

And I'm in love.

So I thought I'd share my...

 World Building/ Novel Jump Survival Parachute.

Or how I go from an idea to a first draft.

1. Join Pinterest.

Yes, in a way, this could be the biggest antiproductivity website since facebook, but when used for the forces of creativity, this is an awesome place to put your ideas, and hunt for inspiration. There are pictures in my waxling file that lead to moments, characters, and plot points in the text. There is beauty and creativity that wouldn't exist without me randomly pinning something a friend posted. This new book wouldn't exist without Pinterest. It's a great way to dive in, especially if you are planning on writing quick.

If you plan on doing nano this year, now might be a good idea to search for random inspiring pictures. Make an inspiration board, and then go to it whenever you're feeling blocked. Here's my waxling board. It's inspired the crap out of me, and I hope it adds to your creativity too.

2. Music. 

Working on Alchemy taught me the most helpful writing skill that I've ever learned. That is simply, how to write while listening to music. I was never able to do that before, but now, NOTHING shuts out my life, or my inner editor like my Spotify playlist. It is a constantly evolving thing and I'm not sure how to share it through blogger.( If you know, tell me in comments)

 But there's one song that starts out every writing day for me, and it's Counting Stars by One Republic. I listen to this song, look over my pinterest board, and write like the wind.

Go ahead and try to not be inspired. (it's safe for work, or young children)

3. Read poetry. 

For reals, yo. I've been really working on adding beauty to my prose, and nothing says beauty like poetry. I've been carrying around my grandmother's poetry book for the last few days, and whenever I have a bored moment, I pull it out and read something by Milton, Marvelli, or Shakespeare. Inspiring little magic moments.

It's magic in a different way too. My grandma is a poet, and her book has little notes written in pencil. Little tips, and study notes, and underlined words directly from her. I've been working on adding poetry to my prose by choosing a few of her underlined words. They are inspiring and beautiful and rare. Using them in my descriptions has made my writing beautiful.
My Grandma's work.

 Spiderwebs, haunted hallways, cacophony, symphony, illuminate, waxwork, have all found their places in my story.

4. Tell a love story without limits.

 Sabrina and Melanie can attest to this, but the hardest and most amazing part about working on Alchemy for me, was that I couldn't control all aspects of the love story I wanted to tell. Maybe it's just that restriction, but telling this love story has been extra fun.

I think sometimes we writers put limits on a love story. I know I have, and sometimes those limits are necessary, or else they'll make out and the story is over.

This story I'm telling has a love story that makes me smile. I think there's nothing wrong with writing love as hope. I've never really done that before. Usually I use love as a curse, at least until they find a happy ending, but in this one, love makes the darkness better. Love makes this story one I can't wait to dive back into.

I'm not saying you can't write dark dismal depressing love stories. You can. There's something so beautiful about that.

What I'm saying, is that I can't write darkness today. I wrote the first kissing scene in the book today, and it made my whole day curl it's toes.

Why not use the first draft to add joy? You can always add in more darkness later.

5. Forget perfection...

...and jump with your eyes closed.

It's a first draft, so no matter what I do, or how much I prepare, it isn't going to be anywhere near perfect.

But there's something so amazing about diving into a new story. There's something so freeing about knowing your writing can be fixed later, and right now you just have to tell a story, and meet new friends, and fall in love for the first time, all over again.

Happy diving.


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