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To say THANK YOU  to the best readers in the world, (I may be biased), here's a peek behind the curtain of the FIRST DRAFT(read unedited) of
 Book 2 of the Tragic Magic Series 
by Sheena Boekweg.  

There are some serious spoilers here, so if you haven't read Book 1 yet, do not read on.

I'm mean for serious.


Joe’s door was closed. I closed my eyes, and then reached for the handle. Please be here, please be here, I thought, but when I opened my eyes, his bed, his lamp, his desk…everything was just gone. The only thing left was his mural on the wall, and a penny stuck in the dust that edged the carpet alongside the moldings. I walked to the wall, and ran my fingers against the painting. Sparks flew from my fingertips, like what happens when I touch real runes. I bent down and held the forgotten penny and slid it into my jacket pocket.
I walked into the kitchen and picked up the note left on the counter.
It was for the landlord, not for me. I looked around once more, then got pissed.
No. He couldn’t just leave like this. He couldn’t. I loved him, and he loved me. Why do all the people I love always leave? I shook my head, squared my shoulders and marched out to my car. I wiped the itchy tears than were marring my cheeks, and I opened my back door and pulled out my backpack, and my mom’s notebook that hid within it. I glanced around once to make sure no one was watching me, then I drew the rune for find on my hand. I focused on Joe, and my mind me followed a shadowy image of him and his mom packing up a moving van. Just seeing him there made me feel safe. Oh, I missed him. I missed his gravity defying hair, and his collection of Chuck Taylors. I missed that smile that just took over his face. His shadow self wasn’t smiling, and his green army coat hunched up over his shoulders, like he felt conflicted. 
A strange car parked along the front of his house and opened its doors.  Two men walked out. Joe waved, and Ms. P. looked at them warily, like they triggered some kind of fear. I focused on the shadowy strangers. When I recognized one of them, I dropped my bag.

It was Leo.


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