The Amazing Gift of Going Free

That's all.

 FTCM was free for one day, and we gave away a thousand books.  A THOUSAND freakin ebooks in 24 hours.

It was an amazing day. I'd change a diaper and find I'd sold 20 books. I went to my son's soccer game and we'd sell 200 books. I kept clicking refresh and could watch as people over the world downloaded my book. That's right. I looked through the cameras on your phone and watched as you downloaded. You have jelly on your pjs.

No wait, that's me.


Amazing. That must be what real Bestsellers feel like. Can you imagine how cool that would be? How would they get any work done? FTCM was purchased almost 100 times from  It was sold in Italy, Brazil, France, Denmark, and Canada. It just kept sliding up lists and had a bestseller ranking for free books.

It was almost impressive...except for the fact that I was literally giving it away for free.

So if you see me here lurking in my jelly stained pjs, dear new readers from around the world, I hope to crap that you like my book. I hope that it means something to you, and I hope that one of that thousand is that one girl I wrote this book to find. The girl who will read this book and be lifted away from her crap life. The girl who will read my book and it will write itself onto her soul, the way so many of my favorite books have for me.

Because that would be...priceless.


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