Living In A World That Breaks My Heart.

The world makes me sad. I just clicked over to facebook, and I read about what's happening in Oklahoma right now. A tornado came through and destroyed an elementary school. It's too early to know anything yet, and I'm hoping, and praying for the best. I'm hoping those amazing teachers we trust our kids with, have all those little ones in a safe place. I hope they all find their way back home to their moms and dads.

Maybe the world is getting worse, or maybe the world is just getting smaller and we're hearing of more bad things. Or maybe it's just that I'm now a grown up, and am no longer kept away from the bad things of the world, but living in this crappy world sucks some times. It's amazing to me how small and simple my bubble of what I think about is. I don't realize how trivial it all is, until something like this happens. Is it just me, or is this stuff happening more and more?

How do I send my kids to school when people can walk in carrying guns. How do I love my children fully if they could just go and die on me?

I know that's a self-centered view. I also know that this world is full of people who have their own pain, their own heartbreak, their own monsters lurking in the shadows, and their own tragic stories. It's a part of growing up, I think, to realize that dragons are real. It's a part of growing a pair to try to figure out how to save yourself from them. And I think it's a part of growing wiser to realize there's nothing you can do but love fully, like your heart won't ever be broken.

Life is fragile. Life breaks my heart.

I need you to write more stories. I NEED you to finish that beautiful story hiding in YOUR hard drive that will give me a moment of peace and safety. I need you to tell me how I can survive in a world that could take my children away from me.

But whatever you do...write a story that's full of hope. Because what the world and I need more than anything, is more HOPE.

Please. I need more hope.

I'm posting this for those third graders, their families, and anyone who needs hope.



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