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I'm powered by candy. I eat far more candy than an almost 30 year old woman should. I'm addicted to books, and once I start reading, I don't do anything else until the book is finished. I don't understand people who can read in chunks, or who say they aren't hungry when you offer them a cookie.
To combat my sugar and book addiction, I run. The cookies are winning.
I have three kids who I look at occasionally, and they are my joy. I know about love because I fell for the hottest, kindest, dream boyfriend, who makes my real life almost better than my fictional life.
I believe in being kind, real, and brave.

My next book out is (tentatively) titled MAGE ON A LEASH. It's about a couple of teens who've been infected with magic. I'm secretly in love with one of the characters, Sam. He's dark and twisty and hilarious. Kind of a cross between Shawn Spenser, Matrim Cauthon, and a hot baseball player. Which is my kind of a monster. :)

After MAGE ON A LEASH comes HATCHED, which is the story of a teen girl who has to save the boy she loves before she turns into a dragon.

I'm new to this whole publishing thing, and it's scary putting my dream out there, but I've loved sharing my stories. I'm a huge fan of Indie Authors. ( mostly because I'm cheap and a bookaholic, but also because we write DANG good books!) If you're an Indie Author and want me to review or pimp your book, I'm found at @SheenaBoekweg (on twitter), or email me at the author@boekwegbooks.com.


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