Excerpt #1 From "Funny Tragic Crazy Magic."

Excerpt from  "Funny Tragic Crazy Magic"

" I hit the gas, and the car sprang forward, leaving Joe standing in the parking lot, his messenger bag strapped around his chest. I was facing away from the exit, so I flipped a U-turn, the wheels squealing because I was driving too fast.
Joe started running toward my car. Right before he would have hit it,he covered his head and jumped. The brake pedal felt rough against my bare foot. Joe went through the glass and the metal of the door as if it were painted air. He landed in the passenger seat next to me, his shoulder brushing into mine.
I looked at him, and he smiled back at me. "I'm glad that worked," he said.
"Seriously?" I said. Erica was at the end of the parking lot making a left hand turn. I hit the gas pedal. "Don't you have any boundaries?"
Joe put his right foot on my windshield, and both hands behind his head, "Not really, no." "


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