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The ABC's of Beta Readers

Hi friends!

Writing is a solitary effort, but writing well takes a team. So how do you find and train that team?

First on the list,

Alpha Readers
Alpha readers are people who read while you draft. These gorgeous monsters are your accountability partners and cheerleaders. They do not read to find problems, they read to keep you writing. A good alpha reader is someone you trust, because new book ideas are fragile baby deers and one wrong word can make you abandon your story in the woods.

Alpha readers can be anybody. Sometimes alpha readers are the writer's spouses, sometimes they are CP's with a specific instructions, sometimes they are beta readers on try out to become critique partners. Treat them well, because a good alpha reader is worth their weight in nutella. Make sure you choose someone who can give you the right amount of enthusiasm without it feeling like pressure, and make sure it's someone committed to seeing you succeed. I think the best alpha readers are peopl…

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